Arquella Move

Real Time Location System

Real Time Location Technology

Arquella Move is a Real Time Location System (RTLS) that uses Ultra Wideband (UWB) to facilitate the tracking of people and equipment in healthcare environments.

Location tracking is not new to the healthcare sector, but Arquella Move has introduced vastly improved levels of latency, accuracy and functionality in a system that is both affordable and easy to deploy.

Arquella Move presents an opportunity for care providers to gain complete visibility of care delivery and to accurately assess and improve efficiency and staff performance.

Arquella Move carer data

Complete oversight at your fingertips

Arquella Move gives care leaders a clear, data-rich picture of interactions between your care team and residents, delivering detailed reports that can be used to improve safeguarding and reduce staffing pressures. It removes the burden of admin from carers by cleverly automating the evidencing of care, leaving them free to spend more time with your residents.

Arquella Move recognises every care interaction and records which carer was present and how long for, down to the second. As long as your care team carry their tags throughout their shifts, Arquella Move will record their care moments and deliver this powerful management information through our cloud portal.

Real Time Location Data

Empowering you with data

Delivering precise records of care delivered against resident dependency rates, giving you a black & white audit trail to reference during funding discussions.

Improving staff morale by allowing you to easily recognise team members who have delivered the most care and contributed to positive outcomes for residents.

Empowering you with new levels of management information & data that can be easily analysed to understand trends in activity and care dependency.