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Advanced Location & Asset Management.

Arquella Move is a straightforward and powerful location management system for care homes. Our Real-Time Location system delivers comprehensive insight into care home operations through accurate people and equipment tracking. Designed for simplicity and effectiveness, it seamlessly integrates into your care routine, enhancing efficiency and staff performance.

Real Time Location Tracking Solution in Care Home

Effortless Integration

We understand that change can be daunting. That's why Arquella Move is designed for effortless integration into your care home environment. Our system is unobtrusive, quick to install, and works harmoniously with your existing setup, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal disruption to your care home’s routine.


Advanced Tracking Solution

Arquella Move lets you monitor the whereabouts of your staff and equipment with pinpoint accuracy. This streamlines operations and ensures that residents receive timely and effective care. It’s about bringing a new level of precision and care to your residents' day-to-day lives.


Aid Compliance

With an increased emphasis on innovation and embracing technology in care, Arquella Move supports CQC compliance and demonstrates evidence of outstanding practice. Arquella Move helps you meet important care standards by providing accurate tracking and advanced reporting. It’s all about using smart tech to make your care home safer and show you’re doing a great job looking after your residents.

Arquella Move - How it works

Data-Driven Insights

Arquella Move empowers you to make informed decisions to enhance care quality by providing detailed data on staff-resident interactions and equipment usage. Arquella Connect harnesses the power of data to deliver insights which support creating a nurturing and responsive care environment.


The Bigger Picture

As a component of the Arquella Connect solution, Arquella Move becomes even more transformational when combined with Arquella Call and Arquella Sense. Together, these technologies create a comprehensive ecosystem that protects residents and streamlines the digital transformation journey in care homes, creatin

How does Arquella Move enhance operational efficiency in care homes?

Arquella Move enhances operational efficiency by providing complete visibility of care delivery through its advanced tracking system. This system allows for the precise triangulation of locations and movements of both staff and equipment within any indoor environment. By offering detailed reports on interactions between the care team and residents, Arquella Move enables care providers to accurately assess and improve efficiency and staff performance, leading to more streamlined operations and better allocation of resources.

What makes Arquella Move a crucial tool in modern care settings?

In what ways does Arquella Move support regulatory compliance?

Can Arquella Move be customised to fit our care home's specific layout and needs?

What measures are in place to ensure the privacy and dignity of residents, and my team, when using Arquella Move?

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