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Innovative Fall Prevention Technology.

Our collection of fall prevention technologies represents a breakthrough in fall prevention, offering touchless, proactive solutions that seamlessly integrate into the daily routine of care locations. Merging safety with respect, our solutions are designed for ease of use, ensuring a dignified experience for residents.

Cogvis 3D Sensor

Proactive Fall Monitoring

Stay ahead of falls. Arquella Sense's advanced technology detects potential fall risks, allowing for timely intervention. This system ensures residents' safety and provides peace of mind for caregivers and family members, knowing their loved ones are being monitored with the utmost care, dignity and respect.


Seamless Integration with your Care Ecosystem

Our fall prevention technologies integrate effortlessly with your existing care systems through Arquella Connect. This synergy enables a comprehensive view of resident care, enhancing the overall effectiveness and responsiveness of your care team.


User-Friendly Technology

With fall prevention technologies designed with simplicity in mind, Arquella Sense allows for quick adoption by your care team, with minimal training required. Its intuitive nature ensures that your staff can focus more on care and less on technology. Plus, our dedicated support team are always available to assist with any questions or technical issues, ensuring that Arquella Sense functions seamlessly within your care environment.


Enhancing Safety, Reducing Costs

By preventing falls, Arquella Sense not only enhances the safety of your residents but also reduces potential healthcare costs associated with fall-related injuries. It's an investment in the well-being of your residents and the financial health of your care home.


Dignified and Discreet

We prioritise resident dignity. Arquella Sense operates unobtrusively, ensuring fall detection without the need for wearables or invasive monitoring, respecting the privacy and comfort of residents.

How can Arquella Sense enhance fall prevention in our care home?

Arquella Sense enhances fall prevention using advanced, touchless technology to monitor residents for fall risk behaviours. It provides real-time alerts to care staff, allowing them to intervene before a fall occurs. This proactive approach not only ensures the safety of residents but also supports caregivers in delivering timely and effective care, significantly reducing the number of falls within your care home.

What is the installation and integration process like?

How does Arquella Sense contribute to cost savings in the long run?

Is the Arquella ecosystem adaptable to the evolving needs of a care home?

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