Arquella Sense

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Smart Sensing Technology

Arquella Sense is not one technology, it is a collection of technologies and technological possibilities. By harnessing the power of our call engine, Arquella Sense delivers call-to-care notifications to carer mobile handsets from a range of sensing technologies, including touchless fall detection sensors, acoustic equipment, moisture monitors and many more.

By continually partnering with the very best sensing technologies in the market and utilising our own technologies, Arquella Sense will continue to bring new functionality to the care sector that speeds up interventions, improves safeguarding and enhances performance insights.  



Fall prevention (1)

Proactive Falls Prevention

Arquella Sense touchless fall prevention and detection technology monitors for fall risk behaviour and falls 24 hours a day.

Falls are the largest cause of emergency hospital admissions for older people, and around 4,438 people fall in care homes in the UK every day.

The safest and most cost effective way to face this crisis is with technology and Arquella has designed its falls solution to directly combat this alarming statistic by intervening before falls occur.

Using discreet wall or ceiling-mounted sensors, and mobile handsets to receive notifications, Arquella Sense removes the need for cumbersome mats, wearable devices and privacy-reducing cameras.

Reducing risk

Reducing Risk

Arquella Sense allows care teams to go about their daily routines with the reassurance that risks will be automatically detected and highlighted, allowing intervention to take place before an incident occurs. This intervention process protects resident wellbeing, reduces hospital admissions and gives family members increased peace of mind.