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Arquella Call

Nurse call system - call to mobile

Call technology with limitless possibilities

Arquella Call has removed the limitations of traditional nurse call systems, delivering a cutting-edge digital platform that can be the foundation of your technology infrastructure for decades. By creating a solution capable of integrating with any software-based technology, we are future proofing the adult social care sector one service at a time.

What does all this mean for you? It means that by installing Arquella Call, you have the building bocks in place to streamline your workflows, reduce the admin burden on front line care teams, automate time consuming record keeping so your staff can focus on residents, and access insights that can help you to improve productivity and profitability.

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Digital transformation at your pace

The care sector is behind the curve when it comes to digital transformation but the change is underway and gathering pace.

The onus is on technology manufacturers like Arquella to make the transition from analogue to digital and from manual to automated as pain free as possible. That's why we've made Arquella Call look like other nurse call systems and at its basic level, function like other nurse call systems. Whether you're ready for big leaps on your digital transformation journey or small incremental steps, Arquella Call will work for you. 

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A new way to support customers

Arquella Call is a cloud-first software-based solution, which means not only can our hardware talk to the cloud, we can talk to it via the cloud. This development enables us to support our installations remotely, in most cases removing the need for an engineer to visit our customer's premises.

Through our Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, we are able to fix around 96% of all maintenance issues remotely and within the hour.  This not only saves £1000s over the lifetime of your Arquella Call system, it also minimises disruption and improves infection control.