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Arquella Cares: Celebrating and Empowering Carers

As a passionate advocate for carers and a leader in connected care technology, Arquella is excited to announce the launch of our latest initiative: Arquella Cares.

Why Arquella Cares?

At Arquella, we understand the invaluable contribution that carers make every day. They are the backbone of the care community, providing vital support to those in need. However, their efforts are often overlooked. With Arquella Cares, we aim to change this narrative by shining a spotlight on carers' hard work and dedication.

Carers: You're The Unsung Heroes

Picture this: It’s the start of the day, and while many of us are just beginning to stir from our slumber, carers are already hard at work. They assist with morning routines, ensuring comfort and safety, and their kindness offers more than just physical support—it’s the warm greeting that brightens the day for those they help.

Yet, despite their pivotal role, carers rarely step into the limelight. They carry out their tasks with grace and commitment, and it becomes easy to overlook the complexities of their job. But we see them. We see you. We see the resilience, the compassion, and the unwavering dedication. This is why Arquella Cares exists—to celebrate these everyday heroes.

Nominate Your Star Carer

Each month, we’ll honour one extraordinary carer with the title of Carer of the Month. This isn’t just about saying thank you; it’s about celebrating the people who bring warmth, care, and dignity to those they support.

The winner will receive:

  • An Amazon Gift Voucher to enjoy a treat on us.
  • A Certificate of Recognition as a token of the extraordinary impact they make.

To nominate a carer who has touched your heart, click the button below and tell us their story.


Arquella Cares is more than an initiative—it's a movement. We invite you to join us in celebrating the extraordinary individuals who make a profound difference in the lives of others. Let's honour their commitment, their compassion, and their care.

Together, we can ensure that carers receive the recognition and support they deserve to continue their invaluable work. 


Sarah Brammer
Post by Sarah Brammer
Nov 13, 2023 9:45:00 AM