Advanced Reporting

Advanced Real-Time Reporting

Data has never been so important in the care sector! Having access to unequivocal facts and figures showing exactly how your care service is performing enables you to shape care delivery, adjust staffing levels, improve safeguarding and reduce costs.

CQC's increasing rollout of off-site inspections & remote monitoring has increased the need for data and information that can be used to evidence care delivery and outcomes.

AIDA Assist provides a level of real-time reporting that has not been seen before in the care sector, all of which is easily accessed via the cloud. 

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Automated call & care evidencing (coming soon)

By liberating carers from the burden of administration, Arquella will enable your team to focus all of their attention on the care moment.

Our clever team is working on a solution to automate the recording of care moments, both call-trigged and otherwise, and without needing to track carer movements outside of these interactions.

Automating this process allows for the capture of detailed, consistently-accurate evidence that uploads to the cloud in real-time and is available to easily download for analysis and sharing

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Care Clicks

Our Care Clicks feature is unique to AIDA Assist and is the beginning of the journey to fully integrate call and care data.

When your carer attends a call, their handset delivers a prompt to specify the type of care delivered, using our simple icon-based interface. An open text field allows the carer to add any notes they feel are relevant in addition.

This information is recorded alongside time of call, duration, carer ID and room number and device in your reporting dashboard, to give a complete picture of every care moment.

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Configuration App

When apps can be used to remotely control your heating system, answer your door bell and monitor your vital signs, creating one to configure your nurse call system seemed like a logical step. Once again, the power and flexibility of digital technology has allowed us to push nurse call technology forward.

Our configuration app puts control of your nurse call system in your hands and cuts callouts by up to 90%, saving you potentially thousands of pounds per year.

Add new accessories, change resident names, control panel volumes and remotely raise support tickets.


With the care industry facing unprecedented levels of demand, finding ways to support carers and allow them to spend more time with patients is essential. Arquella is shaking up the industry by offering organisations of all sizes the technology that enables them to do that."

Will Schaffer, Investment manager

Mercia Equity Finance