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Our Integration Partners

Arquella's partner program brings together the very best digital care technology providers. By integrating cutting-edge software, hardware and assistive technologies, we are building a data-rich digital ecosystem designed to improve the efficiency of care provision and the ease & accuracy of care evidencing.

Arquella Call was built from the ground up with integration in mind and remains the only nurse call system capable of seamlessly integrating with other technologies. This is only the start of our journey to delivering truly integrated digital transformation. 

If you are interested in becoming an Arquella technology partner, please get in touch.  Equally, if you are a care provider and you would like us to integrate with your other technology providers we'd love to talk to you.

Vayyar Care (1)

Vayyar Care

Vayyar Care is the touchless technology that’s powering a data-driven “Greyt Revolution”. 4D imaging sensors automatically detect falls, removing the need for floor mats and bed mats and significantly reducing false fall alerts. They also gather presence data that enables caregivers to remotely identify mobility loss, loneliness, potential medical issues and more, supporting proactive, personalised care and smart fall management.
The synergy between Vayyar's proposition and Arquella's was obvious from our first conversation and we have worked closely on an integration that is changing the way residents are monitored and staff are notified about genuine fall events.

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Person Centred Software Integration

Person Centred Software

Person Centred Software is the most popular and engaged provider to care homes across the globe and continue to onboard the largest number of new care providers every month.  Person Centred Software have led the way for Joined Up Care, connecting over 300 locations to acute and primary care services (supporting over 14,000 vulnerable people living in care) in less than a year from launch of their Joined-Up Care initiative in Feb 2021. 

PCS have the best rated data using the 4 Vs models (Volume, Velocity, Variety and Veracity) and by adding the data collected from Arquella to the ecosystem the data rating for “variety” increases further by adding passive data observations to the data set.

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nourish care integration


Nourish is the fastest growing and arguably most progressive care management software provider in the sector. Their commitment to using data and insights to improve care delivery and resident wellbeing echoes Arquella's own vision, so it seemed inevitable we would end up working together.

The Arquella/Nourish integration sees our nurse call data feed automatically into the Nourish platform, where it is analysed and studied for meaningful insights.

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Care Vision Care Management software

Care Vision

Care Vision is a care management software designed by carer providers by care providers.  The mission of Care Vision was to build a solution that cut down on paperwork so that carers could focus their time on what they do best - caring.  With Arquella's own commitment to continually improve the dignity  and quality of care for people who need it most, this is a partnership that came very easily and one that continues to grow in strength.

A number of Arquella/Care Vision integrations have already been installed, and with the increasing demand for this type of integration, there are more in the pipeline. 

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Ascom specialises in communication and coordination technology solutions for long-term care, aged care and assisted living facilities including private and local authority & ICS (Integrated Community Services). Ascom’s digital offerings are built around the requirements of care staff, providers, and the residents in their care. 

Ascom is focused on helping to deliver the “care home of the future” now, and futureproofing care providers to meet the current challenges the market faces. A broad range of Ascom solutions are available for safety, dignity and privacy for residents and long-term care patients in addition to helping to create a calm, coordinated and efficient workplace for mobile carers.

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We have always believed in providing our customers with a complete ecosystem of care, creating the perfect solution for their particular needs by integrating with best-in-class organisations. Integrating with Arquella will undoubtedly enable care providers to improve outcomes and demonstrate quality of care efficiently

Andrew Coles, Head of Product

Person Centred Software