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How Simple Joys Enhance Happiness in Care Homes

At Arquella, we understand that care homes are not just places where medical needs are met; they're homes where lives should be celebrated and meaningful. 

So, how do we make our residents not just comfortable but genuinely happy? A recent study shines a light on this, and it's wonderful to these studies and to see the focus shifting towards emotional well-being. 


A study led by Kimberly Moore, Jennifer A Delaney, and Mark R Dixon, carried out in a skilled-care nursing facility, looked at three residents with Alzheimer's disease. The team used what they call 'happiness indices', which are simple things like smiling, laughing, and being vocal in a happy way. These were measured before, during, and after special activities designed to lift spirits.

The residents took part in delightful experiences like visiting an ice cream parlour, spending time at an outdoor farm or doing things they love, like singing or solving puzzles. And guess what? All these activities led to a happier atmosphere. Even just a little time spent on these activities made a noticeable difference!

What stands out is how different activities make different people happy. It's a crucial reminder that individual choice matters. Every resident is unique, and their happiness relies on activities tailored just for them.

This study, although not perfect, speaks volumes about what we've always believed in; that simple joys make all the difference. And let's not forget the people making this possible: our carers. Your incredible work brings these simple joys to life, making our care homes more than just buildings, but places where happiness lives.


We're excited about what this study means for the future. Care homes are changing; they're becoming places where residents don't just live but thrive. By focusing on our resident's happiness and individual choices, we're making strides in creating a more joyful, vibrant environment for our residents. 

So here's to our everyday heroes, who know that even a small conversation or a shared song can be a ray of sunshine in someone's day.

Sarah Brammer
Post by Sarah Brammer
Feb 29, 2024 12:25:00 PM